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Backyard Barbecue Safety - How to Keep your Family and Home Safe

Backyard Barbecue Safety - How to Keep your Family and Home Safe

The summer season is a time for delicious barbecues on open flames. However, what is a treasured backyard tradition to many families in America can be dangerous if not handled properly. Did you know that backyard barbecues cause an average of 7,900 home fires a year?

Check out our backyard barbecue safety tips to ensure that you always get to finish the food that you've prepared.

  • Don't set up your grill close to your home or garage. Although it might be convenient to step outside your house and be at your grill, it can be a dangerous practice. If your grill were to go up in flames for any number of reasons, your home or garage could catch fire, too. It's important to keep your grill far away from any structure while grilling!

  • Keep your grill clean. After every use, you should let your grill cool down and clean it with a wire brush or some tin foil. The grates are home to leftover barbecue sauce, burnt on pieces, and tons of other particles that can easily catch fire if not cleaned. It's better to take time to clean your grill instead of allowing room for the worst-case scenario!

  • Stabilize your grill before lighting it. If you're barbecuing in your yard, you'll want to be sure that you set it on a flat surface, and that you can't bobble it when you try to move it. This is important especially if you have small children or pets that could potentially knock your grill over. Try using cinder blocks to ensure that it's stable, and never leave a hot grill unattended.

  • Be sure that your home has appropriate fire coverage. Talk to Insurance Place of Wyoming about the proper fire coverage for your home. This can help cover the costs involved with home damage caused by a grill fire!

Our backyard grilling safety tips can help you enjoy a long, safe summer full of delicious smoked foods – get grilling!